About us

Vivere Rosse - Your Affordable Quality Online Jewelry Store


Our mission is to provide the best quality yet affordable assortment of couple rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, jewelry sets, and so much more for all occasions, continuously focusing on satisfying our customers' needs and constantly striving to exceed their expectations. We will achieve this by maintaining practices that stress long-term relations between our company and our customers.

This company believes in three basic principles: 

  1. Value our customers, love our team and satisfaction for a job well done. 
  2. Teamwork is more than just a mission statement at this company. It is a way of life that assures each customer individual attention at every level. Our team makes a commitment to our customers. 
  3. There is a passion derived from knowing that as a company, we source and sell our products that touches so many lives. Few companies can offer products that elicit love that represents a lifetime commitment.

WHY Vivere Rosse?
As one of the best jewelry brands in Malaysia, we know that offering fine jewelry at a great price and variety is only part of the story. We are fully committed to providing a superior shopping experience in our stores. Our sales staff is empowered with the knowledge to assist each customer. We have an excellent merchandise assortment and vast experience making us a jeweler you can truly trust.  

Our jewelry is carefully crafted by experts that don't use toxic heavy metals as an enhancer. Each piece is made of fine safe materials and we don't use toxic heavy metal as an additive.

Our jewelry is for the working men and women of today. Your best jewelry is found only in Vivere Rosse.

We are Vivere Rosse. Glam Up All Day Every Day.